Kalrissan Rottweilers and Central Bearded Dragons

Sound Mind, Sound Body

You need to have a licence to keep reptiles in Australia. You can get this by

 applying to Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) - go to Permits and 

Licencing Management (PALM). 

You will also need specific set-up requirements for each species of reptile 

you want to keep. We can advise on these requirements. This is essential to

 the health and well-being of your reptile. You will not get a reptile from us if

 you do not have a correct set-up for species. We also provide booklets for 

care with each of our lizards. 

Baby Central Bearded Dragons 

available now - 2017. These babies 

are from  very highly coloured

 parents from  lines carrying high

 orange, red, yellow and lavender. 

A CARE booklet is supplied with all 


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