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On this page I introduce my frogs. They are very cool. Frogs need very specific set-ups and care but are very easy to look after. They are delightful guys and all have their own personalities.


Jules is a very big female Green Tree Frog. She is Jada's best buddy - they are often seen soaking together.


Jada is a Green Tree Frog (Litoria caerulea) and is my first frog.  I have learnt a lot from him. He loves to hide in his fountain during the day but is a bundle of activity from dusk. He loves his new girlfriend.




Rymer is a Magnificent Tree Frog (Litoria splendida) and only 8-weeks old. He/ she is still settling in at the moment.


Kobus is Rymer's sibling and still settling in.

Here's a shot from one of our wildlife photography days - enjoy!

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