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This page is dedicated to my new additionss - the Frillies! I have wanted some of these guys for years. And it was worth the wait - check out the new Kalrissan Kids.

Rubin is our male Frilly and he is quite special. Like most members of his species, he's a delight and a very cool lizard to own. He hates change though and sulks a lot but we love him just the same!

This has to be one of the cutest in the house. Roxi was only 8-weeks old on arrival here and is growing well. She is a delightful lizard and loves her Beardie friends. She will be buddied up at a later date with Rubin, our male Frilly when she is big and old enough.

Roxi & Rubin are now all grown up and getting along well. We will be looking at breeding them in the coming summer - 2015

Watch this space for the results later this year!!

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