Kalrissan Rottweilers and Central Bearded Dragons

Sound Mind, Sound Body


Sophie is our female Bluey and is a very special skink. She was a siezed illegially kept reptile & came to us via QPWS for some love and care. She has a great personality and loves to go to our reptile training  days as an ambassador for her species.


Parker is one of our male BTSs and came to us as a surrendered pet in terrible condition: He was stunted and suffering mild Betabolic Bone Disease (MBD) from a 2-year stint in a very small tank with no heating or lighting. He was also fed a terrible diet of just apple & strawberries. We are pleased to report that he now eats a balanced diet and loves it!! He also has correct lighting and heating and even goes outside on good days.


Kenna is a big boy with a very gentle disposition.



Blueys are very popular for the beginner  herper as they are extremely hardy and easy to care for. Meet our Bluey's below.

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